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Compared with the past, the more significant change in modern cities is that there are many high-rise buildings. Grade A office buildings are no longer rare buildings. The most amazing thing about these tall buildings is the golden glass curtain wall in the sunshine.

Glass curtain walls, they can create a good environment for the indoor workers, and they will not be harmed by the outdoor light pollution. But it's often confused with ordinary doors and windows. Let's let the aluminum net editor straighten out their concepts for you.~

I. what is the door, window and curtain wall?

1. Doors, windows and curtain walls are an industry.

2. Doors, windows and curtain walls are also products. It is the product of building for lighting and ventilation, and it is our general glass window. In ordinary houses, it is called doors and windows; in high-rise buildings or office buildings, the whole wall is glass, it is called curtain wall.

3. Doors, windows and curtain walls are a special industry, which accounts for a large proportion in building industry.

Doors, windows and curtain walls are really different. Doors and windows are fixed on the main body; while curtain walls are also fixed on the main body, they are an independent system.

Glass curtain wall: a building peripheral structure composed of metal components and glass plates.

Doors and windows: it is the enclosure component of the building structure, which mainly has the function of lighting and ventilation in the building. It is composed of two parts: window frame and window sash. According to different frame materials, it can be divided into wood window, steel window, aluminum alloy window and plastic steel window. According to the different ways of opening, it can be divided into flat window, suspended window, vertical rotating window, sliding window, fixed window, etc.

The difference between the two is that the glass curtain wall is generally the external wall decoration and lighting function of the building, and the general area is large, while the area of the window is relatively small. In terms of positioning, glass curtain wall is a building peripheral structure composed of metal components and glass plates, while doors and windows are not.

See here, if you still think that the door and window curtain walls are stupid and unclear, then pay more attention to the column of door and window curtain walls with aluminum mesh, you will have different findings.

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